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Vichai Rachanon - Boxing 1996 Summer Olympic

Vichai Rachanon (Khadpo)

Bronze Medal Awarded in Summer Olympic 1996 Georgia, Atlanta, USA.

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RACHANON BOXING MUAY THAI TRAINING CAMP                                                           

     Rachanon Rachanon Gym is owned by a major in the Royal Thai air force named Mr. Vichai Rachanon. Vichai is an excellent Western style boxer and he won a bronze metal at the 1996 Summer Olympics in Atlanta, Georgia

         The Rachanon Gym first opened up in 2002 and only recently have they been welcoming to foreigners who wish to train there. There are approximately 30 boxers who train there under the guidance of 5 trainers. Among the trainers is an ex-fighter and champion

Rachanon won the prestigious “Muay Thai camp of the year” award in 2011


Muay Thai Training Only

Rachanon Boxing Muay Thai Training Camp offer Muay Thai Training only through group training or prvate lessons every Monday - Saturday throughout the year, and is open to students of all levels.


Training Only

-Half Day-1 Session

400 bath (13$)

- Full Day - 2 Session

800 Bath (26$)

- Weekly Training Only

6,400 bath

Monthly Training Only

14,000 bath



2 week package                                                            18,000 baht share room 4-5 bed

The Package (14 days) include:
2 Daily training sessions

Morning 7.00-10.00 AM  

Afternoon 15.00 - 18.00 PM

Accommodation in a shares Room

- Breakfast & Dinner (Monday-Saturday)

- Free Rachanon T-shirt


- Muay Thai at Muay Thai Sataduim

*For 2 people sharing a double room the price is 20,000 bath



+66 96 924 3887

+66 2 202 8465

+66 81 551 7387


Rachanon Boxing Muay Thai Traning Champ